Just in: Anjaan involved in bribery scandal!

Anjaan is definitely one of the biggies of the season and the flick is doing well at the box office. Not much of a surprise given the huge marketing campaign of the movie and the hype built up, which resulted in the first few days since the release being sold out to pre booking viewers. And even now, the movie is faring surprisingly well.


Suriya, Samantha and N Lingusamy would have been toasting the champagne right now, if it weren’t for a couple of roadblocks on their paths to complete success.

The first one of course is the piracy issue, but the second one is quite scandalous. It involves bribery and corruption!

What are we talking about, you ask? Well, allegations have risen that the film’s makers – that would be N Lingusamy and Dhananjayan of UTV Motion Pictures – bribed none other than the most authoritative Government entity when it comes to tinsel town affairs. Yes, we are talking about the Central Board of Film Certification!
The accusation is that the moviemakers allegedly bribed the CEO of the Board to get the flick a clean ‘U’ certificate.

Though nothing has been offered in the way of evidence yet, the CEO is now under scrutiny and so is the Board, along with of course, the Anjaan team. But does all this make sense, and could there be any actual truth to this matter? Let us see now…

Anjaan is gangster masala flick with lots of violence, fiery dialogues and enough spicy skin shows from Samantha and another actress in the form of an item number. The all-round vibe of the film oozes with the whole sensational glamour meets heart pounding action theme.

Does this seem like a film deserving of a clean ‘U’ certificate? Hmmm… one has to think on that but everybody is innocent and shall remain so until proven otherwise.
If indeed there were shady dealings involved, the next question then becomes how many other movies got away with it before this.

In any case, stay tuned to Chitramala for more updates!

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