Julayi Review

Rating: 2.50/5

Critic Rating: (2.50/5)

It is

entertainment to be had, after resigning yourself to a certain fate.

Telugu fiction

The usual idea behind fiction is to create a world in which people and their circumstances are accepted by the audience because of the world they are set in. We have been through so much of mediocre repetitiveness and the films spun around the hero’s image are sadly the only mainstream fiction we have experienced for some time now. And all these godly things our heroes pull off have become the most integral part of our film watching routine.


And sticking to the mainstream standards is Trivikram’s Julayi. Bank robberies, guns, thugs, girls, comedians etc are called in for a few days each as Allu Arjun punches and dances his way through the film. Like the film itself quotes “fans ki logic undadu, emotions tappa

Occasional wit

The occasional wit (mostly forced and out of context) had been the only saving grace for Telugu films for a long time now (and the fact that our songs are little better looking than mainstream Kannada films).

Julayi is that perfect hollow script which resorts to witty dialogue whenever possible to cover up the screenplay it never had.


Arjun seems less restless than most of the current leading men. He can dance seeming less awkward than the others too.

Rajendra Prasad was a new face in the set of otherwise omnipresent actors and comedians; it would be fun to see him more often.


The only film of late with enough number of out of context jokes and a couple of catchy tracks. Like the mainstream taught us: “time pass film”

Reviewed by Rohit
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