Juhi’s IPL woes are over

MUMBAI, JUNE 06 (INDIATIMES MOVIES) That IPL is over, sure makes Juhi Chawla a very happy person. Roped in as partner of Kolkata Knight Riders with Shah Rukh /khan, the petite actress sure found this role a tough one to enact.

Says Juhi, "I don’t understand cricket and I sure don’t follow the points table of the IPL. Those days when Shah Rukh could not make it for the matches, I was roped in to boost the morale of the team."

Recollects close friend and director, Aziz Mirza, "It was the Kolkata versus Chennai match, played in Chennai and since nobody could make it, Juhi was told to be present. Juhi did not want to go alone and since she could not find anybody willing to go with her, she persuaded an elderly aunt who had just flown in from New Jersey to accompany her. God alone knows what the two women discussed during the course of the match as both do not the ABC of cricket."

Juhi confesses, "My daughter, Jahnavi knows a lot more about cricket and she teaches me,"

Well we must say that here’s a big thumbs up to Juhi for being the true sport that she is.

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