Jr NTR’s Sawaal to Bunny

Allu Arjun is also called Mallu Arjun for his track record in Kerala. However, he has to face severe competition from NTR from now onwards.

Allu Arjun and Jr NTR
Allu Arjun and Jr NTR

Almost all of Bunny’s films gets dubbed and released in Kerala. His ‘Sarrainodu’ became his biggest commercial hit not just in Telugu states but also in Mallu land. But, Bunny’s all these years of hard work is now being challenged by NTR with just one film.

With the help of Malayalam superstar Mohanlal, NTR has now conquered the Malayalam market with his latest release ‘Janatha Garage.’ He hopes that he can now release all his subsequent films in Kerala without the help of anyone. Even Kerala distributors have realized the potential of NTR, and they are expected to offer good sum for Malayalam rights of his new films.

With this unexpected competition from NTR, Bunny has to prove his dominance in Kerala now by beating ‘Janatha Garage’ with his new film.

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