Jr NTR turned into a hurdle for his son!!

Young Tiger Jr NTR entered a new phase in his life. Jr.NTR and Pranathi were blessed with a baby boy. This fourth generation Nandamuri hero came on to this Earth yesterday. Jr NTR, spoke to the media on this aspect. He stated that, it is like NTR was born again in our family.


Interestingly, Jr.NTR turned out to be a hurdle for the newly born baby. As Nandamuri Family members are feeling that NTR was born again, they may have considered to put the Legendary NTR name to this baby boy. But, Jr.NTR too has the same name and it is now tough to put the same name to the newly born baby.

If Jr.NTR has got some other name, Pranathi and the Young Tiger could have opted NTR to the newly born baby. “Now, which name will they choose?” turned out to be the point. As Jr.NTR stated that he is seeing his grandfather in his son, he will surely go for a name which will related to NTR. Huge betting is on progress on the aspect of the fourth generation heroes’ name!

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