Jr NTR’s Oosaravelli story!

Young tiger Jr NTR’s upcoming film tentatively titled "Oosaravelli" shooting is progressing in Hyderabad presently. Now the latest news is that Oosaravelli story is leaked and this is making rounds on internet. But we are not sure that whether it is the actual story or fake one. But as per the film nagar sources the story line of the movie is almost the same story, which was leaked.

Movie Story!  

Jr NTR is a Software professional works in a reputed software company, where heroine also works as a team lead. Jr NTR has lost his father in his early age and is pampered & brought up by his mother. Very sensitive by character he is very shy of girls and never goes for any arguments. The movie will goes like cool until Villain (Don) enters the scene.

Hero Jr NTR will watch the Villain while killing someone. Villain tries to kill Jr NTR also because he is the the witness for the murder, then hero (Jr NTR) gets afraid and requests Villain and says that I will not tell to anyone. Villain leaves him without killing by just taking his details. After few scenes villain will get news that someone has complained about the murder case for which villain thinks NTR may be the person who complained on this murder.  

Villain comes to NTR’s place where he is living and will hit him on his head with the rod .Villain thinks that NTR died and he goes, after that NTR will be hospitalized. Doctors will save the NTR, but NTR gets a different type of disease. The disease is he will change into a different character depending on the dream he got last night and he won’t forget that dream till he gets next dream. How NTR kills the Villain is the rest of story. Second half is full performance oriented movie with full of variances with various dimensions.

But this is not the confirmed story of the film, but it is making rounds on web and in film nagar circles.

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