Why Jr NTR – why not Pawan or Mahesh?

Alia Bhatt, the cute little actress, who is known to be the most prettiest dream girl of North Indian film spectators, is now feeling like coming down to the south. Alia Bhatt recently revealed her word at heart saying that she is interested in Jr NTR.


When all the other Bollywood beauty queen are chanting the name of either Pawan or Mahesh, Alia took a separate route of going towards Jr.NTR. “Why did she select Jr.NTR and why not Pawan or Mahesh?” turned out to be the talk of the town. There are 2 reasons for this choice. The first one is that the actress might have got impressed with the dance moves of Jr.NTR. Compared to all the heroes in Tollywood, Jr.NTR has a specific dance style.


The second reason is that the actress might have felt that she will have less competition and more chance to get Tollywood offer if she says Jr.NTR’s name. As all are going for Pawan or Mahesh, Jr.NTR’s attention is completely free. Now, he will start thinking about Alia and that might be her master plan. Lets see how it goes!

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