Jr NTR Jerkin Rs 50,000/-

The Tollywood Movie Artists Association (MAA) is auctioning jr NTR sported Jerkin and hat in Adurs movie. The money coming in this fund raising activity would be donated to the education of the underprivileged.

The Tollywood cine goers across the globe have evinced great interest in this activity so far and the response is unprecedented. The bidding has reached Rs. 50, 000 within in 6 hours of auction.

Well guys! Interested to take part in this bidding? Then quote your bidding till March 28.

For further details about this bidding, please follow MAA website. You can even bid through SMS.

To bid online for these accessories log on to www.maastars.com. The bidding can be done from mobile phone as well; to bid for the jacket, type JKT and send to 5600610 where as to bid for the hat, type HAT and send to 5600610.

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