Jr NTR is iPhone and Nani is China Phone

Controversial reality show Bigg Boss is being aired on TV now. Slowly, the audience are getting engaged with the show and the viewership is increasing. Actress Sanjana was eliminated from the Bigg Boss show recently. After being eliminated she had made a controversial statement on host Nani.

Jr NTR and Nani in Bigg Boss
Jr NTR and Nani in Bigg Boss

We all know that Nani is doing his best as the host of Bigg Boss show. After being eliminated, actress Sanjana made a controversial statement. In a recent interview, she was quizzed about the contestants. In this frame of context, Sanjana told, “NTR is like iPhone of anchoring while Nani is China phone”. Nani seems to have taken this very casually. He even replied on Twitter that he liked iPhone only. This is making everyone praise Nani, as he took the controversial statement in a casual way.

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