Jr NTR felt sad knowing his fan’s last wish!

Jr NTR His Fan Last Wish

Young Tiger Jr.NTR felt sad knowing the last wish of his fan Maheeba. Jr.NTR came to know that a girl named Maheeba is aspiring to meet him. He further came to know that Maheeba has been suffering from Cancer and is taking treatment in Hyderabad.

After knowing this last wish of Maheeba, Jr.NTR decided to meet her. Unfortunately, she died before Jr.NTR met her. Young Tiger felt extremely sad knowing about her death and he felt that he would have fulfilled her last wish. The news that Maheeba is aspiring to meet Jr.NTR reached him a bit lately and by the time he reacted, she was no more.

It is a fact that Jr.NTR give good priority to his fans. When a fan died in stampede few days back, in an audio function, Jr.NTR was seen completely upset. He even decided not to conduct any audio launch functions. Later on, with full security, and limited capacity halls, Jr.NTR went for audio launch functions.

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