JP’s Lok Satta is the best companion for Pawan’s Jana Sena?

Pawan Kalyan Janasena

Lok Satta party of Jaya Prakash Narayan is now turning out to be the best companion for Pawan’s Jana Sena Party. Both JP and Pawan have good respect for one another. Just like Pawan, JP too is trying his level best by doing agitations in his style.

JP has been meeting people in Andhra Pradesh and is supporting them in all possible ways. JP feels that Andhra Pradesh lost a lot in the division process and he did agitation in his style to make BJP fulfill its promises to AP.

As Pawan too is in the same line, Lok Satta is becoming a good companion for Jana Sena. Recently, JP invited Pawan for a political meeting, which will be attended by almost all the top parties in India. Bonding between Lok Satta and Jana Sena may grow stronger in future.

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