Journalists Ban Ram Gopal Varma

That’s right! Journalists Ban Ram Gopal Varma.


Director Ram Gopal Varma had conducted a special workshop on using ‘FlowCam’ yesterday. ‘FlowCam’ is a new camera that RGV used to shoot his upcoming Tollywood movie, “Ice Cream”.

On careful observation, you must have noticed that none of the newspapers or media houses reported about the event. That’ because Journalists have banned Ram Gopal Varma.

The reason for the same is Ram Gopal Varma’s arrogant answers at a previous media interaction had angered the journalists who had thereby decided to ban the director and not publish any stories about him.

When quizzed if the film was ‘Ice Cream or Eye Scream’, Ramu took a jibe at one journalist saying that he always thought media was full of dumb folks but they are now sounding like illiterates.

When another journalist asked RGV about the probable fate of his film, he replied back with wicked and bitter replies. This, reportedly, upsetted the journalists who have now strongly decided to abandon his stories and not publish them.

A source close to the director said, “As long as the journalists ask him such questions, he will give the same answers. Media people should behave themselves.”

Well, we are aware of Ram Gopal Varma’s arrogance so we’re not really surprised on this piece of news.

Given that “Ice Cream” is releasing soon, we fill RGV should not take such risks by making the media angry.

More updates to follow..

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