Rating: 3.50/5

Critic Rating: (3.50/5)

What it’s all about?
Josh is all about the life of the hero, Naga Chaitanya. He is like the average college going student who is more interested in enjoying life to the fullest than studies. An incident changes his life and he not only realizes his mistake but is completely reformed. He also helps other students in the college to quit bad habits and wayward life and become good and responsible students.

The plot:
Satya (Naga chaitanya) is the son of middle class parents. He is a fun loving student like everyone of his age. He bunks classes and goes to movies, pubs etc. All of a suddent he quits college in Visakhapatnam and comes to Hyderabad to take up a job. Why he quits college in the first place and then move to Hyderabad is the suspense that is revealed at a later stage.


In Hyderabad he meets Vidya (Karthika). Vidya is working as a teacher in a primary school. She always dreams of joining a college and have a ball. Her brother Harshavardhan is opposed to her joining in college as he feels that the boys will tease her and make her life miserable.


Vidya meets Sathya and slowly they become good friends. Sathya is aloof all the time. He runs a local small time student leader JD Chakravarathy the wrong way. JD wants to come up in politics and takes the help of the college students for all his antisocial activities.


Satya joins the college and he has a mission to accomplish. What is Sathya’s mission and how he goes about accomplishing it forms the basis for the remaining part of the story.

The Actors:
Naga Chaitanya marks his entry into films with Josh. He is full of energy and his good looks coupled with the right attitude and mannerism make him a lovable young her. He gets a chance to portray a wide range of emotions and he does a god job. Naga Chaitanya bags full marks in his very first film.


Karthika, daughter of Radha makes her debut with this film. She is okay. She does a good job in her slightly short role. Praksh Raj appears in a brief role as a college principal and he very effective in his role.


JD Chakravarthy is the villain. He does a neat act in the role that has negative shades. JD comes across perfectly as suave and cunning man who is determined to climb up the ladder in politics.


Brahmanadam and Sunil are okay. The rest of the star cast from Sitara to the college students are okay. The music is good and the duets have been filmed quite well. The fights are also short and sweet and are quite believable.

The Best Scene(s):
There are a couple of good scenes in the film that are also quite moving. The first is when Prakash Raj’s son is killed in a bike accident. Prakash Raj emotes very well in the scene.


The fight scene in the college in a heavy downpour where some students bash up Naga Chaitanya has been shot well.

The Bottom Line:
Josh is a lighthearted entertainer aimed primarily at the college going audience. The film will appeal immensely to the students. While the first half is very entertaining, it turns a bit heavy towards the end. There is a good message for the students but it is something that they may find it bitter to swallow.


The weak comedy and lack of staple entertainment restricts the appeal of the film to just one section of the audience – the college going youth. It is now left to the students and fans of Nagarjuna to decide the fate of Josh – big hit or a modest hit.

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