Jolie’s birthday ends in tears

Actress Angelina Jolie’s 35th birthday bash reportedly ended in a stream of tears, due to a fight with her partner Brad Pitt.

The trouble between the couple began on June 3, the day before her birthday, when Brad took off from their estate her by himself, OK! magazine reported.

According to sources, Pitt, 46, spent hours drinking beer in the back of a chauffeur-driven SUV, riding aimlessly around the city.

"I don’t think Angelina knew where he went and that is probably why she got so mad. There was some speculation that he was hoping to see Jennifer Aniston," the source said.

After returning home, Pitt fought Jolie and she bursted into tears, cancelling a family outing to watch
‘Sesame Street Live’ on her birthday.

"All the kids were looking forward to it. Afterward, Brad and Angelina had expected to do something romantic. At the last minute she told the staff the whole thing was off," said the source.

"She didn’t give any reason, just said that they weren’t needed and that she, Pitt and the kids were going to stay home," the source added. (PTI)

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