Jokes trend on Uday Chopra on Twitter

Ever since the news of Rani Mukherji getting married has been out, people started taking a funny dig at the poor old soul called Uday Chopra, who will now have to call his old co star his sister in law. Fans all over the country shot some funny tweets at the cursed star, Uday Chopra making the whole affair look so hilarious.


The fact that Rani and Uday shared certain chemistry in the past that cannot be overlooked now has become a disaster of sorts, with freedom of speech fully being capitalized on!

Take a look at some of the tweets posted immediately after the news was released!

“And Uday Chopra starts trending first time since the release of Dhoom 3”

“Aditya Married Rani & Brought Uday Chopra as part of Dowry for Rani’s Family Aditya-Rani shaadi vaadi sab theek hai; isko koi Sambhal lo plz”

“Uday Chopra is now a dewar. Soon he will be a Chacha. And continue making Dhooms.”

“Feeling happy for Rani Mukherji coz she is in Aditya Chopra family.. Feeling Sad for Rani Mukherji coz she is also in Uday Chopra family.”

“Rani Mukharjee took a brave step by marrying with Adi Chopra despite knowing the fact that she would get a Devar like Uday Chopra.”

“uday chopra got bhabhi’s company, now both will sit and discuss about their career.”

“Hahaha, it’s going to be a real life ‘Mujhse Dosti Karoge’ wala scene between Uday Chopra and Rani Mukherji”

Sorry, we know that this is mean, but nothing created as much stir for Uday Chopra before as much as Rani’s wedding now! God save Uday Chopra!

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