JNU Campus MMS Scandal pics

The explicitly shot shameful JNU Campus MMS, involving two of the former students of the prestigious institution has the authorities aghast and asking for a detailed probe into the matter.

The pornographic clip showing them in various poses have been made into a CD in the style of a blue film by a Computer Science student and the ones in the clip are the former students of the School of Language studies.

At the first the students tried to blackmail the girl and when they could not get any money from her they have sold the CD in theblue film market. The video is available on the internet and has been in circulation on the mobile phones too.

The authorities in JNU have got a complaint from the shief security officer of JNU and the Proctor’s office is already investigating the case.

The MMS is said to be shot some six months earlier and the boy and girl in the clip got the filming equipment from their friend in the Computer Science Department of the same institution.

The boy and girl both belong to Bihar and the boy even got a good bashing when the incidence came to light. The police has informed that JNU has not complained to the Delhi Police and they are of the opinion that there may be the involvement of the gangs running the porn industry because the picture quality is fine.

However the JNU campus MMS is in full display on the net and also being circulated on the mobile phones in which the girl is show watching a porn film while herself indulging in the sexual act and they are themselves being filmed by a camera kept on the almirah in the JNU hostel.

The scandal has certainly brought shame to the institution and the way these MMS clips are emerging the trend is very alarming with the most shocking one being shot by school students some time back.

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