Jigarthanda release date announced!

Maverick director Karthik Subburaj’s highly anticipated and inevitably much publicised creation – Jigarthanda – starring Siddharth and Lakshmi Menon, is finally ready to come out in to the daylight and treat the eager fans after spending a bit too much time in the darkened post production rooms and being subject to the business of movie marketing.

Jigarthanda Release Date

Now, the people behind the screens have settled on a date and that fateful day is July 25th!

Well, the movie, has in a short while been a target of some controversy but managed to redeem itself in style with a clever promotional campaign.

Here’s what went down..

The movie, or rather Karthik was accused of ‘lifting’ the story of the movie from an internationally acclaimed Korean movie. Though the flick may not be known in Kollywood or to the mainstream Indian audiences at large, certain fans noticed the similarities and caught on.

Karthik did not respond to this immediately, but when the movie’s name kept popping up in the social media circles in a negative light over and over again, the team came up with a brilliant retort.

The next day saw a poster of the movie which simply asked if the ‘promotional campaign’ of the flick had started already… to the public and the gossip mongers. Now that was a genius of a plan as it not only gave the movie the upper hand but did, in the end, actually promote the film the right way!

So this one does seem to be a product of smart and talented minds with a unique vision, and the fans have little or no chances of being disappointed, for what it’s worth.

Jigarthanda is being produced by 5 Star Films in association with SMS Films. The distribution is being handled by Sun Pictures.

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