Jhummandi naadam review


Balu (Manoj) is an aspiring singer who lives opposite Captain. Rao (Mohan Babu). Balu and Rao are constantly at feud over various petty issues. Rao’s friend’s daughter (Shravya played by Taapsi) comes to India for the first time to make a documentary on traditional Indian music and is in need of somebody who’s well versed with Indian music. And the musician across the street starts helping the girl. The boy and girl gradually fall for each other, but, Capt. Rao puts in the blockade by messing with Balu’s singing career. How Balu tries to win his love and career is the rest.

The Actors.

It’s amazing to see how all these actors are up for such open humiliation. You need brave souls who are willing to put themselves up on screen and perform these primitive vulgar acts.

Reasons to ban this film

The most patient audience can sit through may be the first half of the film.
Everyone involved with the film (or may be just the Darsakendra) are stuck somewhere around 1995 and are in real need of a time machine.

Raghavendar Rao will be an award winning filmmaker, if he were to make pornography.

This is probably my shortest review, but, the most stressful, by far. I just couldn’t bring myself to write anything about such a sorry and brainless film.


Save yourself. Avoid it.


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