Jessica Alba, a reluctant rebel

Hollywood star Jessica Alba found it "hard" to rebel against her family’s strict beliefs when she was growing up.

The Killer Inside Me actress admits her Catholic upbringing was quite strict and though her mother and father had views she didn’t always agree with, she didn’t want to upset them by going on a different direction in her life, Contactmusic reported.

Jessica, who grew up in California, said, "I come from a religious and traditional family. My mom grew up in the South and she had a Southern Baptist upbringing but my father was very Catholic. It’s hard to rebel without your family feeling like you’re rebelling against them.

"I don’t necessarily always agree with certain things and that has nothing to do with how much I love them or how much they love me. Family is the most important thing in the world," she said.

The 29-year-old actress, who has a 23-month old daughter, Honor Marie, with husband Cash Warren, always knew she wanted to live a different life from her parents from a young age.

"There were parameters and boundaries around me that I always wanted to break from," she said.(PTI)

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