Jersey Director to work with a Star Hero

Gowtam Tinnanuri, the director of Jersey is the man of the moment in Tollywood now. The success of the film Jersey made him the most wanted director in the industry. There are a lot of rumours about the director’s next film and the most interesting rumour is that he will team up with Young Tiger Jr NTR.

Jersey Director To Work With Star Hero
Jersey Director To Work With Star Hero

Much before the film Jersey, Gowtam is said to have narrated an exciting subject to Young Tiger. Jr NTR liked the same and is said to have asked the director to develop it more. Also, Jr NTR is the first one to respond to the film, right after the release.

Jr NTR is now decided not to miss Gowtham’s story and promised to do a film with the director right after RRR. Most likely, the project will happen but we have to see how things will proceed if RRR get delayed.

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