Jeeva and Sibiraj’s Real Fight for Hansika

Director of forthcoming Tamil film ‘Pokkiri Raja’ revealed that his two lead actors Jeeva and Sibiraj fought for real while shooting for a fight sequence in the movie.

Jeeva Sibiraj fight for Hansika
Jeeva Sibiraj fight for Hansika

Hansika is playing the leading lady in this romantic drama. There is a scene in the film where both Jeeva and Sibiraj fight for Hansika. Since the director felt that Jeeva’s expressions after being hit by Sibiraj were not natural, he asked Sibiraj to hit Jeeva for real so he can film natural expressions.

After Jeeva was hit, he got furious, stood up and hit back Sibiraj. Soon, the issue turned serious, and the unit members had to work hard to make peace the two actors to resume the shooting.

The director had no idea that Sibiraj and Jeeva were childhood friends. The reel incident brought huge distance between the two.

Pokkiri Raja is set for release on 26th February.

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