JD Chakravarthy to romance Nayantara!

JD Chakravarthy and Nayanatara Romance

JD Chakravarthy, the actor who was seen in the recent “Ice Cream 2”, is set to romance Nayantara in an upcoming South Indian flick. It seems that JD Chakravarthy got a chance to act as a lover to Nayantara.

“Bhaskar The Rascal” is stated to be the title of this project and Mamutti is the hero in this film. It seems that JD Chakravarthy is acting in a negative shaded character who will love the heroine Nayantara.

This flick is stated to be centered around the heroine and it might be a drama between the hero and the villain to win the hand of the heroine. JD Chakravarthy mentioned that he knows Nayantara right from “Dubai Seenu” and hence he is comfortable to work with her in this flick.

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