JD Chakravarthy is the director for Sridevi

JD Chakravarthy Sridevi
JD Chakravarthy Sridevi

Ram Gopal Varma is synonymous with controversies. Of the many controversies that he created, ‘Sridevi,’ film remains special as he created a huge controversy just with a poster. Actress Sridevi is not acting in Jad Chakravarthy’s movie but JD will direct RGV’s Sridevi movie.

Earlier, the film was titled ‘Savitri’ but Ram Gopal Varma changed it to Sridevi when many criticized him for using ‘Savitri’ title for an erotic film, a teenage boy’s infatuation towards a middle aged woman.

Next, yesteryear actress Sridevi came heavily on Varma and threatened him to go to court if he doesn’t change the title ‘Sridevi’. At that time, it was heard that the flick was stalled.

Sources have now revealed that the film is being shot with actor JD Chakravarthy as the director. Varma has chosen JD to bring life to his erotic story.

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