Jayasurya in trouble

Actor Jayasurya has been doing well for himself in the industry since his humble beginnings a few years ago as a local TV presenter, and then from supporting roles in movies to leading ones. The talented actor built a fan base simply by surprising the audiences with his offbeat choices ranging from humorous to dramatic to even antagonistic. But now he has shocked his fans with some news – he has wilfully encroached public land and build upon it, in Kochi!

Jayasurya 2

Yes, the actor’s house in Kadavanthra, Ernakulam is near the backwaters there, and part of his house, namely the wall surrounding it and the boat jetty attached, is built on government land. But this not all that’s shocking…
No, what might just be a civil case in the making for the actor has become a scandal of sorts as it has been revealed that the government, specifically the Municipal authorities of the city, knew about the encroachment but decided to look the other way!

Apparently, the whole thing was discovered based on an official investigation conducted a few months ago after someone filed a complaint regarding the same. Jayasurya was asked to demolish the property in question (or rather the parts of it deemed illegal) in 14 days or that the Government would take matters in to their own hands – as is the law.

That was in February!! Looks like neither the authorities or the actor were willing to do the deed, and the property has remained the same. Guess the public were the only ones who were made fools out of in the end.
This kind of encroachment of land is a serious matter indeed, not just by law but also because in a densely populated state like Kerala and its busy urban areas, this is akin to directly defrauding the public out of resources meant for their welfare. No private person should be allowed such ‘privileges’, because that’s how it seems as the lengthy arm of the law has stopped short of the well known actor.

All one can say is that the matter should be resolved quickly to avoid further embarrassment to the parties involved and hopefully such behaviour should be dealt with strictly in the future.

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