Jayasurya starved, director stunned!

It is rarely we see such dedication form an actor when it comes to literally doing anything required to inhabit his character well. Chiyaan Vikram has often been known to take extreme physical measures to do his character justice from the perspective of the physical appearance, and now it seems we have another contender in the south – Jayasurya!


Yes, it was during the making of the upcoming medical thriller by Madhav Ramadasan that Jayasurya took things to the extreme to fit his character’s bill.

Jayasurya plays a patient in the movie, we do not yet know what the ailment is, but whatever it is it required him to appear frail. While many actors have been known to gain weight for a movie or shed a few kilos the right way with diet and exercise, not many starve themselves for the sake of a role!

And that folks, is exactly what Jaya surya did because the objective was not to look ‘lean’ but to look ‘ill’.

He lost almost 14 kilos of weight for the role and by the end of filming, he was nearly starving himself to maintain the appearance. The director was stunned by this level of dedication and had to literally force the star to go home and recover his health!

Talk about going the extra mile! And the great thing is Jayasurya is not looking for pats on the back for this. No, he definitely is not!

“What I did is nothing compared to the four years the director put into making his vision come true,” says the amazing actor.

Apothecary comes out on August 7th, without much of a promotional campaign or huge marketing tactics to build up hype. The movie and the level of talent and dedication that went in to making it must speak for it itself…

The film stars Suresh Gopi, Jayasurya and Asif Ali in the lead roles. It also has Meera Nandan playing a pivotal role and marks the return of actress Abhirami.
It has been produced by Dr Baby Mathew and Dr George Mathew under the banner of Arambankudiyil Cinemas.

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