Jayasurya refuses to pay!

That’s right, he completely refused to pay. You might be wondering ‘what’ at this point. The answer is – the toll money for one of the roads he was travelling by! And no, the actor was not being a cheapskate or putting on airs, but taking a stand against what he felt was an unfair system.


The actor was travelling through the Kumbalam toll plaza in Ernakulam when he got severely irritated by the situation. Upon approaching the toll booth, he simply said that he was not going to pay. Of course, this did not sit well with the attendants there and they questioned him as to his reasons.

Jayasurya, in a rather dramatic fashion, responded that he was not going to pay any money for the toll until the road there was repaired!

And as anyone who has travelled through those parts will testify, the condition of the roads there is simply horrific and makes life incredibly hard for motorists. A common situation though in God’s Own Country and rarely, if ever, brought to the spotlight.

Well, not time like the present, the actor must have thought…

Soon the argument between the young star and the tollbooth workers escalated into a heated one and passersby and other drivers began to take notice. A crowd soon gathered, which upon hearing the actor’s side of the argument took his side and in a real life ‘hero moment’ Jayasurya caused a group movement of people refusing to pay their tolls as well.

This, one thinks, would have tied the hands of the tollbooth workers as, let’s face it, they really don’t have a justifiable excuse to put forward here.

So once again the talented actor has proven that a social conscience and the will to back it up need not just remain things that appear only on our onscreen flicks but can be useful in real life too.

Kudos to Jayasurya for that!

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