Jayaram Left Behind Again

While, as Malayali movie fans, we are savouring this day, let us take a moment to pay respect to the great artist that is Jayaram. The ever pleasant, ‘always a gentleman’, multi talented actor was cut out of the final list of the Best Actor category in the national awards… again.


Jayaram was nominated for his brilliant performance in the movie Swapaanam by Shaji N. Karun, where he plays the chenda (percussion instrument), bringing his own real skill as a chenda player on to the big screen. The actor’s performance was well received by the fans and critically acclaimed but no luck – Suraj Venjaaramoodu bagged the prize towards the end for his performance in Perariyathavar.

But Jayaram did not miss a beat in his generosity and class as an actor, as he immediately congratulated Suraj and put up a Facebook post showing his support and joy at Mollywood’s honour.

It is to be noted that both Jayaram and Suraj have their roots in professional mimicry and stage comedy, from which they entered the film industry. But while Suraj made his entry as a comedian, Jayaram made his debut in the acclaimed movie Aparichithan for which he won a State Award for Best Actor. With multiple state awards to his credit, the actor was again given national recognition, in the Best Actor category no less, for the movie Theerthaadanam.

Jayaram has been active in multiple industries in the south, whilst carving a niche for himself in family/comedy movies in Malayalam. He is married to former actress Parvathy, with two beautiful children, Kalidasan and Malavika. Kalidasan has appeared twice in Jayaram movies playing his son and thereby also showing to the world how talent may indeed be a little hereditary.

So here’s wishing Jayaram well and fingers crossed that maybe third time’s a charm..

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