Why Jayaram didn’t win

When the 44th Kerala State Film Awards were announced last week, all were shocked that Suraj Venjaaramoodu, who had just won the national award did not win Best Actor but instead was given the Best Comedian award. The allegations of jury negligence however, stopped when Suraj accepted his award graciously and laid the matter to rest in the public eye.

soorya krishnamurthy - jayaram

But another actor was forgotten in all the fuss – Jayaram.
Jayaram had lost at the national awards, though he was shortlisted up until the final round, and was nominated at the state awards too – for two movies no less! Still, he came up unlucky again and now the public wanted to know why.

Finally, Soorya Krishnamurthy, one of the members of the state award jury panel, came forward with a response. “Jayaram’s acting was outdated. He gave too much importance to heavy emotional acting and both his movies, Nadan and Swapaanam had too many dramatic scenes.” He said to the media.

This must have come as quite a blow to the veteran actor who merely commented on his disappointment. He mentioned that it was disheartening and that it had happened before. “Many times I had even bought sweets to distribute for the celebration when people had me almost convinced that I was going to bag the award for sure. But then, the announcements are made and… nothing.”

The state award winning actor has been a star in multiple industries for almost three decades now and it is indeed sad to see such talent and experience being repeatedly misused and go unrecognized.

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