Jayalalitha’s Baahubali Poster Gets Criticism

The worst ever floods hit Tamil Nadu, and the people are waiting for help from every corner. Amidst the chaos, the poster of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha, the edited version of Sivagami’s scene from Rajamouli’s Baahubali, has been inviting criticism from social media.

Jayalalitha Baahubali Poster
Jayalalitha Baahubali Poster

The initial scene of the Baahubali shows a child being saved by Sivagami. Now, someone has edited it with Jayalalitha’s, making it look like as she is saving people from floods. Interestingly, the posters are placed it in the flood-hit regions.

Now, social media is fuming over these posters. Many believe that Jayalalitha, known for craving for promotion herself, has done this silly and nonsense act.

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