Jayalalitha’s arrest shaking Kollywood film industry!

Kollywood film industry is a big fan of Jayalalitha. It is known that the distributors and the film makers executed one day bundh in the state for the issue of Jayalalitha. Even big shot heroes gave comments in support of Jayalalitha.

Kollywood Film Industry

As per the details, it becomes tough for the big shot flicks to get released in Kollywood if Jayalalitha faces defeat in the Supreme Court. It is known that Karnataka High Court declined bail to Jayalalitha and she is now aiming to challenge it in Supreme Court.

If she faces a defeat in the arena, the entire state of Tamil Nadu might be on fire. In this scenario, people may not encourage film releases and we may expect series of bunds all over the state. This may effect the releases of top level ventures like “Linga”, “Uttama Villain” and few others.

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