Jaya Prakash Reddy Turns Singer

Popular Telugu Comedian Jaya Prakash has a different style of comedy timing. He is very much known for his Rayalaseema slang and the way he makes comedy out of it.

Jaya Prakash Reddy
Jaya Prakash Reddy

Recently for the film “Noothilo Kappalu,” he appeared in a police getup and did Gangnam dance. His dancing episode in the film made everyone laugh in the theatres. He proved that he could do comedy not only with his accent but also with his dancing skills.

Now, additional to this, JP caught the mike and sang a song for his upcoming film “Lachimdeviki o Lekkundi.” Rajamouli’s assistant Jagadish has turned as director for this romantic comedy. For this film, Jaya Prakash sang a song that is assured of yielding good comedy for the listeners.

Under the assistance of Music Director M.M.Keeravani and Lyricist Ananth Sri Ram, JP sang this song. Not only singing but JP also reported of dancing for his song.

Now, how this song is gonna entertain us shall we seen after the film’s release.

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