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Allari has been away from success post Sudigadu. It’s been three years and none of them worked. The latest film James Bond’ is probably the best of the worst in this period. Directed by Sai Kishore, who worked under Srinu Vytla earlier, the movie is expected to have ample laughs.

Allari Naresh and Sakshi Chowdary in James Bond Telugu Movie
Allari Naresh and Sakshi Chowdary in James Bond Telugu Movie

Like every other Allari Naresh film, James Bond also has its share of spoof moments and slapstick comedy. Nani (Allari Naresh) is a software engineer, who is a coward by nature. Nani is married to Pooja (Sakshi Choudary). Nani is shocked when he comes to know when Pooja is actually a gangster named ‘Bullet’. Nani tries to escape but obviously fails. Pooja/Bullet is also placed inside Nani’s family to induce some humour. The rest of the film is composed of supposedly funny twists and turns.

The movies that come with the ‘Allari’ brand have an unwritten disclaimer that logic will be defied and humour will be purely slapstick throughout. Probably one should go with that mindset to enjoy the movie thoroughly. So what matters is whether the quality of humour generated in the next two hours. If the viewer is able to laugh for most of the jokes, then it’s a success. James Bond could only be half successful in that.

The introduction of the characters is witty which makes it look like a promising comedy. Especially, Sakshi’s portrayal of don is done very similar to the build-up of the villains in the big-ticket films. Playing a coward was a piece of cake for Naresh. In fact this pair reminds us of Naresh and Arti Chabria’s couple in Gopi- Goda Meeda Pilli movie. Sakshi was good too playing the tough girl. There are umpteen supporting actors who are placed to generate comedy. Of all, Prudhvi stands out mimicking Balakrishna from his recent hits. Apart from Prudhvi, other actors like Saptagiri and Posani evoke some laughter too.

A Still From James Bond Movie
A Still From James Bond Movie

The film’s major drawback is its inability to sustain humour after a point. The viewer comes with a single agenda to laugh and keep laughing for Allari’s films. When the director is able to satisfy the requirement to only a half, then the viewer is definitely disappointed. That’s what happened with James Bond. Thre is hardly anything innovative that the director comes up with to make this movie work. As a side-effect the experience becomes tedious as the movie progresses. The movie runs more than 2 hours with increasing yawns. To make the viewing more burdensome, there are these songs that absolutely get on to the nerves.

The dialogues of the film are also a big minus. They try so very hard to induce humour but fail miserably. Only a handful dialogues are really funny. It is the situation comedy and the dialogues helping them together form the backbone of such films. When the backbone is pretty weak, then it’s expected the body bends down miserably. At the box-office, the movie has very vague chances of continuing its stay in the theatres.

Its high time Allari takes it slow and pick the scripts wisely. It’s sad to see his films bombing one after the other despite having a good comic timing. He is actually considered the new-gen Rajendra Prasad, but has almost lost that title with the recent set of films.

Anyways, James Bond is a film which will satisfy those viewers who can laugh for a whole day after tickling once.

Overall : James Bond – Bad Jokes

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