Jamba Lakidi Pamba 2018 Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Movie Name Jamba Lakidi Pamba
Movie Rating 2/5
Movie Cast Srinivas Reddy, Siddhi Idhnani, Vennela Kishore
Director JB Murali Krishna
Music Director Gopi Sunadar
Production Company Ravi, JOJO Jose, N Srinivasa Reddy
Release Date June 22, 2018

There are some classic movies who title itself create a lot of curiosity with the type of connection and entertainment they give audience. No one dares to recreate them as they feel they can’t create the same magic like the original makers did and they might have some other reasons for not doing so. Jambalakidi Pamba is one such a classic which was directed by EVV Satyanarayana which stays relevant even today for its content. Comedian Srinivasa Reddy is coming with a comedy movie in the name of that yesteryear classic Jambalakidi Pamba directed by JB Murali Krishna and is produced by Jojo Jose. He is co-starred by Siddhi Idhnani, Vennela Kishore, Posani Krishna Murali and some other happening actors. The makers have taken the core idea of changing genders and made this movie. Lets see how it works on us as it is releasing today into theatres.


Jamba Lakidi Pamba New 2018 Review
Jamba Lakidi Pamba New 2018 Review

Varun (Srinivasa Reddy) and Pallavi (Siddhi Idhnani) are married couple who are unhappy with themselves. Varun thinks that her wife is the one who always create problems and don’t let them stay peaceful and Pallavi thinks Varun is having an affair with his colleague and that’s why he is not keeping her happy. They both decide to end their relationship by taking divorce and they approach Harischandra Prasad (Posani Krishna Murali) who takes up their case as his 100th one as he had helped 99 couple get divorced. As time passes, he dies in a road accident and he comes as a soul to rectify his mistakes of helping couple get divorced by settling the issue between Varun and Pallavi. How Harischandra Prasad makes it happen? Do Varun and Pallavi stay together?

Cast and Performance

Srinivasa Reddy entertained as Varun and he is good with what he does in the movie. His body language, mannerisms worked well. Siddhi Idhnani on the flipside is not upto the mark for her character. She could have done better. Posani Krishna Murali as Harishchandra Prasad tried to evoke few laughs with his antics and he has succeeded to an extent. Vennela Kishore has done well in his role as an assistant lawyer to Posani. Shakalaka Shankar, Dhanraj, Jaya Prakash Reddy and other actors are okay and they had done what they are given.

Writing Department

Story of this Jambalakidi Pamba is okay and it is spoiled by uninspiring and disinteresting screenplay. Dialogues are just okay.

Technical Departments

Songs composed by Gopi Sundar are okay. He did a very fine job with the background score.

Cinematography is fine and editing could have been much better.

Art department has done a good work for this movie and production values are rich.


Srinivasa Reddy as Varun


Wasted casting


Jambalakidi Pamba is a story of a lawyer who helped many couple get divorce and get seperated and when got a chance how he corrected his mistakes with a couple. The title Jambalakidi Pamba looks heavy when we see in the perspective of yesteryear classic. Director JB Murali Krishna has done a very mediocre job in handling this movie. He failed to bank on the gender swap concept and he disappointed audience who expect a huge dose of humorous entertainment with the events that happen in the movie. Except for Srinivasa Reddy, none of the actors are used to their full potential and even Srinivasa Reddy succeeded only when enacted female body language. That may be due to poorly written script. Step into the shoes of others to experience their pain. This is the single line summary of this movie which is inspiring but the development of this into a 2 hr long story made it so unbearable at times. To sum up, Jambalakidi Pamba fails to impress audience.

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