Jakkanna Movie Review – Better Of Sunil After Ages

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

Actor Sunil was in a great form and more popular as a comedian. He was always a first choice for roles which has high dosage of comedy and having emotional touch to it. Everyone know him as a great comedian. Despite doing as a hero in Andala Ramudu, he did comedy roles after that. But the stupendous success of Rajamouli directorial Maryada Ramanna might have given him much needed confidence to continue as hero leaving comedy roles behind. He scored some decent hits after that and lost his charm from the previous 2 or 3 movies. Jakkanna directed by Vamsi Krishna Akella, produced by K Sudharshan Reddy is said to be having vintage Sunil back in form. Let’s see how it works on us as it is releasing today!!


Jakkanna Movie Photos
Jakkanna Movie Photos

If someone helps you, help them back more than he expect is the line which is followed by Ganesh aka Jakkanna (Sunil). He literally kills others by helping if they help him. He comes to Vizag with some personal works. He falls in love with Sahasra (Mannara Chopra) at a first sight. Bhairaaagi (Kabir Duhan Singh) is a rowdy whose face is unknown to people but his presence is felt through fear in the people. He kills anyone who comes in his way. Jakkanna searches for him having his picture in his hand and meets a gang of 50 for taking revenge on Bhairaaagi. One day Bhairaaagi fixes a spot for Jakkanna and the gang of 50 at a place in which Jakkanna kills all the 50 people to save Bhairaaagi. He says that he is helped by Bhairaaagi which leaves Bhairaaagi in shock. Why he searches for Bhairaaagi?? What is the help Bhairaaagi did to him?? What is his motive?? forms the rest of story.

Cast and Performance

Sunil as Jakkanna alias Ganesh is superb. He tried his best to be back to his knack. His comedy timing is perfect and his punches are worth to watch on screen. Mannara Chopra is okay. Her dialogues and her lip movement are hardly in sync. She is just meant to be a glamourous treat for the movie. Nagineedu is good. Kabir Khan is perfect as Bhairaaagi and he did a nice role after so many movies. Chitram Sreenu is okay in his limited role. Sapthagiri is a good humour relief and is in his as usual best. Raghu Karumanchi and Satya are good. Raja Ravindra and Posani are good. Other artists did well.

Writing Department

A Still from Jakkanna
A Still from Jakkanna

Story by Vamsi Krishna Akella is routine and okay. Dialogues are good and some are strictly seem to be written for punch and rhyming purpose. Screenplay is good at parts and places.

Technical Departments

Music by Dinesh Kanagarathnam is just okay. Background score is good and works well in few scenes. Cinematography by C Ram Prasad is nice. Visuals are colourful and properties are well used. Editing by M R Varma is good and has something to show his better side. Action sequences composed by Kanal Kannan are good. Production values are good.


  • Sunil as Jakkanna alias Ganesh
  • Prudhvi as Katakatala Kattappa


  • Routine Story
  • Songs
  • Pale Comedy

Movie begins with a teacher teaching a story with a message in its end about helping others which inspire Sunil and forms his character. He is someone who helps to the core, if anyone help him. Comedy is written and forcibly injected into all the scenes with punches written with a motto of rhyming it seem. The comedy track written for Sapthagiri has less to do with the story and it entertain for the first few scenes and become monotonous. First half ends where Sunil kills fifty people to save Kabir Duhan Singh. It ends on an interesting note and create necessary excitement for the second half. Second half is consumed by hero playing with villain in the name of thanksgiving for his help. Entertainment dips a bit down and again starts with the introduction of Prudhvi as Kattappa. He entertains with the imitation of Balakrishna body language. To sum up, Jakkanna is better version of Sunil from his previous movies.

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