Jai Ho Review

Rating: 3.25/5

Critic Rating: (3.25/5)

“Bhai ne kya punch maara!!’

‘Bhai ne bike se kya khooda!!”

‘Bhai ne kya gun chalaayi!!”

“Bhai ne dance masth kiya!!’

“Bhai ne kya shirt faada!!”

Yes, like any other Sallu Bhai’s movie even Jai Ho has all these. But ..but..but…this time, along with these, there is a meaningful and a noble message that came along with this big-ticket movie. Salman takes the avatar of the preacher of ‘Being Human’. It worked and how.

Jai Ho directed by Sohail Khan, is a remake of Telugu Film Stalin. An ex-army man Jai Agnihotri (Salman Khan) is a socially responsible civilian, who is constantly disturbed by the inhuman evil acts happening around him. He learns that a helping hand has become a rarity and comes up with an idea of a forming a helping chain. He inculcates to not thank the person who helped, but help 3 more around and making a huge difference as a whole. The Good Samaritan obviously is encountered with the wrong-doers. The battle between the good and evil begins.

Jai Ho has a story that doesn’t have a head and tail, but Sohail Khan wisely executes in such a way that you don’t notice this flaw. The movie has a good pace and keeps the viewer engaged for majority of the duration. The remake is manifold better than the original, where the message is conveyed very effectively. Though one can find some clichéd dialogues here and there, the way they communicated the humanity concept is almost impeccable.

Performances wise, Salman was regular. There was nothing extraordinary, but you can sense sincerity and his belief in the concept which the movie revolved around. Tabu stands out in a substantial role, and the kid who played her son was entertaining too. Genelia’s cameo will leave you with moist eyes. The entire reaming ensemble was a bunch of actors who are either ex Big Boss participants or the prospective ones.

Music Bekaar Hain..

Comedy Bekaar Hain..

Heroine sirf gaane mein aathi hain..

Baaki Sab First class hai!


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