Jai bolo telangana movie review

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It is

Supposed to be a film based on the revolution for Telangaana.

Jagapathi Babu’s cameo as a member of the ‘Bandigi’ family is what the film had intended to focus on. From the past three generations members of this family have gone down fighting for problems of the Telangaana people at their respective decades. And the heir to this family of the current decade has no interest in the revolution whatsoever.

On a parallel note there is a major construction about to start in one of Hyderabad’s major locations which the followers of the Bandigi family are fighting against. Politicians from all three regions of the State are supporting this venture for their own benefits and there are episodes regarding the hereditary scene in politics which goes on to link itself with the protagonist’s love story of super clichés.

What kills the seriousness?
The film, the lyric writers involved and the whole aura created by the promotion stays out of the theater.

The writer/director doesn’t have the film making capability to handle an issue of such magnitude.

The film making on the whole stays at a bare minimum level and to accompany this we have the disgusting screenplay with its useless, boring, out of place love story and over dramatization on every possible frame.

With a cast of majority new comers the film’s casting was a nightmare. And again the screenplay comes in handy to further degrade their performances and turn it into one ugly joke.

Would like to re-quote “The writer/director doesn’t have the film making capability to handle an issue of such magnitude”.

A film that in no way contributed to the issue at hand nor to the betterment of the quality of films in any department.

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