Jai-Anjali’s Ballon promises a gut-wrenching horror thriller

Real-life lovebirds Jai and Anjali will be seen next in the horror thriller, Balloon. Jai and Anjali had shown their fans an absolutely wonderful chemistry of theirs in the movie, Engaeyum Eppothum. But we are not sure if Balloon will offer us a chance to show that chemistry of theirs, going by the teaser of the movie that became available on YouTube some time back.

Balloon- teaser
Balloon- teaser

Balloon promises to be a scary thriller and the teaser lives upto it. Tamil superstar STR had launched the teaser through his social networking sites.

Having seen the teaser, we have to say that it has some scary moments that will terrify the audience in theatres. But there is also the feeling that the movie is inspired by the miniseries inspired by Stephen King’s IT, which is having a reboot coming up in 2017.

Here’s the intriguing teaser…

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