Jaguar Movie Review – High Budgeted Debut Goes Haywire

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

A debut is all about the impression which debutante create in the minds and hearts of people watching him. It’s been a preconceived notion or something that everyone having a great family background debuts with a budget that is not so common even for a star hero to break even easily. Many number of films with content can be made with this budget if given chance. Nikhil Kumar, who is grandson of Ex-Prime minister Deve Gowda is making his grand debut with Jaguar which is made ob budget of 75 crores under HD Kumaraswami of Chennambika Films directed by NBK’s Mithrudu fame Mahadev. Let’s see how it works on us.


Jaguar Movie Review
Jaguar Movie Review

SS Krishna (Nikhil Kumar) is a medical student and junior to Arya (Adarsh Balakrishna). He falls for her sister Priya (Deepti Sati) at a very first look on World blind day. Krishna murders a judge and a police officer and make it telecast live on SS Tv channel owned by Sampath Raj with the power of hacking. He do these murders wearing a black mask. These case is chased and investigated by CBI officer (Jagapathi Babu). After the second murder he receives SMS from Arya’s mobile to CBI officer about murderer and his next targets which involve Krishna, Sampath Raj and Medical college management. How CBI Officer chase this case?? Why is Krishna doing these murders?? forms the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Nikhil Kumar who is debuting with this movie is okay. He need a lot to improve in terms of expressions he give. He looks not so handsome like what we expect a hero to look. Deepti Sati is good as Priya. She looks good. Jagapathi Babu as CBI Officer is good and he performed so well. Sampath Raj is nice. He performed as usual. Black guy who acted as senior to Krishna is humorous and funny. Adarsh Balakrishna is nice. Brahmanandam is okay. All other characters performed to their extent.

Writing Department

Nikhil Gowda in Jaguar
Nikhil Gowda in Jaguar

Story by Vijayendra Prasad is routine and the theme is well used in his previous movies. Screenplay is good and loses grip at places. Dialogues are okay and they stressed more on rhyming.

Technical Departments

Songs composed by S S Thaman are okay.This album is not a great one nor a worst one from him. Background score by Chinna is good, especially during emotional and elevation scenes. Cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa is nice. Lighting mode he chose for this movie is nice and it added a lot of beauty to the visuals. Editing by Ruben could have been much better. Action sequences are composed well. Production values of Chennambika films are super rich.


  • Cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa
  • Production Values


  • Routine Story


This movie is about a routine and normal Telugu hero who is strong and is above all which is sometimes even above god. There is nothing he cannot do and nothing he couldn’t know. He do a murder and in the very next scene he preaches. This movie begins with the live telecast of a murder done by Jaguar, named by CBI officer. This half goes on a pretty average stuff and has nothing more to carry with just some teasing, comedy and lame scenes. It ends with the murder of police officer which does not create any curiosity for the second half. Second half runs with the template Srinu Vaitla formula of hero joining in villain’s home and Brahmanandham entry to provide humour relief to the audience. Theme of the story which is based on a line that “To succeed a step further, I will pray to ten people and dominate a hundred people” is used by Vijayendra Prasad many number of times. This movie do not have any content which should be made on a huge budget of 75 crores. This much of budget is spent just to make grand launch and make the film look good. To sum up, Jaguar is a High Budgeted debut gone haywire.

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