Jagga Jasoos Review – Galti Se Mistake

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Movie Name Jagga Jasoos
Movie Cast Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Govinda
Director Anurag Basu
Music Director Pritam Chakraborty
Production Company Disney
Release Date July 14, 2017

2012’s Barfi got accolades and awards for all the crafts in the film. This could have probably triggered him to think bigger and achieve much bigger appreciation. The result is JaggaJasoos. Despite all the hurdles for years together and a continuous change of script (as per Ranbir’s recent promotions’ interviews), it finally hit the screens today. Does this magnum opus strikes the right chords? Well, unfortunately, NO!

Jagga Jasoos Photos
Jagga Jasoos Photos

JaggaJasoos is an adventure musical. The movie happens as a narration of a comic series to children, the JaggoJasoos series. Its bunch of books and each deals with a phase or an event in Jagga’s life. Back to 1997, Jagga is an orphan who grows up in a hospital. He finds an injured man in the fields and admits in the same hospital. Jagga has a speech problem and he stammers extensively. The injured man befriends him and asks him to talk through singing as it wouldn’t break his flow. Very soon, they get bonded and one day the injured man who calls himself as Tuthi-Foothi adopts Jagga and takes him to his house. Destiny separates them as Tuuti-Foothi needs to leave to a different place for a stealth reason. He drops Jagga back to the hospital. He never sees him againbut sends a video tape to the son every birthday wishing him and giving him life lessons. All’s well until a birthday where he doesn’t receive the video cassette and then the quest begins to find him.

The movie is setup on a big canvas which makes it visually very attractive. Especially the way the beauty of North East is shown is magnificent. Ranbir delivers a sincere stammering act too. SaswataChaterjee steals the show with terrific screen presence. Well, the good things end here.

Ranbir and Katrina in Jagga Jasoos
Ranbir and Katrina in Jagga Jasoos

The movie take itself too seriously. An over sincere efforts seemed to have been put to cater to people of all ages. In the beginning, it seems to be tailor made for children in terms of tone,the story-telling and the moments too. All of a sudden the movie starts worrying about global terrorism and world peace.Throughout the movie, Ranbir sings and there are no dialogues for him. Of course the character is such, but listening to such for 3 hours saps the energy. Not only this but the story doesn’t move forward much in the first half. When the story starts progressing in the second half, it gets too complicated. In midst of some complex scenarios comes some silly and simplistic scenes. For e.g, a bunch of people come to shoot Jagga and his journalist love-interest Katrina. Katrina offers to marry all of them if they leave them, and then they break into a song and escape. Agreed, it’s a musical but, the movie is totally lost in many such ridiculous scenes in the film.

The three hour film is hardly gripping and with so many intentions and so many break-into-music modes. Ranbir, though gave his best couldn’t save given the monotonous tone of the story. The background score is just an extension and elaboration of Barfi and acts as a sleep inducer.

Overall, JaggaJasoos is a ‘galti se mistake.’

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