Jagapathi Babu’s made mega fans frustrated

The veteran hero turned Villain Jagapathi Babu is waiting for his flick Patel Sir to get released today. He is aggressively promoting this flick in channels via interviews.

Jagapathi Babu's made mega fans frustrated
Jagapathi Babu’s made mega fans frustrated

In one of his recent interview, Jagapathi Babu has declared a thing regarding the mega family which irked them. Jagapathi Babu is one among some few celebrities who fears none to speak his heart out. When he was asked about his favourite hero among the young generation, he immediately said that he likes Allu Arjun better than any other mega hero. Babu explained that only Allu Arjun is striving to get a separate identity of his own apart from the mega tag while other mega heroes are using that name more to survive in the industry. These comments didn’t go well with the mega fans. Already they are angry on Allu Arjun in the issue of DJ and Jagapathi Babu’s comments are hinting unwanted war among the mega fans. He is currently acting in Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s Rangasthalam-1985 in a crucial role.

His Patel Sir movie is getting released with decent expectations. Directed by a debutant, this movie is produced by Vaarahi Pictures.

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