Jagapathi Babu spoke about his father Rajendra Prasad

Jagapathi Babu About Rajendra Prasad Death

Jagapathi Babu, who lost his father recently, stated few words about his father Rajendra Prasad. He mentioned that his father led a happy life till the last moments. It seems that Rajendra Prasad wished to see Jagapathi Babu as a top level hero. Even though Jagapathi Babu came up with Rajendra Prasad’s tag, he proved his mettle and he turned to be a top hero in Tollywood.

This made Rajendra Prasad happy and Jagapathi Babu revealed this aspect to the media. He further stated that Rajendra Prasad wished to see his daughter and his brother’s daughter’s marriage. It seems that the marriages were fixed and Rajendra Prasad felt happy for it.

Memorizing all the aspects, Jagapathi Babu mentioned that his dad lived happily throughout his life and all his wishes have come true. He further stated that the body of Rajendra Prasad will be kept for public display in his house.

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