Jagapathi Babu revealed the real reason behind entering villain roles

Jagapathi Babu Villain Roles

Jagapathi Babu shocked the entire Tollywood with the negative shaded role in “Legend”. Spectators didn’t expect this from Jagapathi Babu and hence people were stunned to see him as a villain. Even Jagapathi Babu never thought that he will be seen as a villain on the big screen. There is a story behind this decision of this Family hero.

Jagapathi Babu revealed the real reason behind donning villain roles. He stated that he saved majority his friends from financial problems. This made his position critical with respect to financial status. At an instance, their family was left with nothing and their production house too was closed. In this scenario, Jagapathi Babu decided to don the role of villain in “Legend”.

He mentioned that he did that role with frustration. As the character too demands the same feature, it turned out to be hit on screen. The rest is all known to the public. Now, Jagapathi Babu is the leading villain in South India. With “Linga”, he may further move ahead in this career.

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