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Excellent first half, fast paced second half and sudden climax is all about Jagadam with glorification of violence as the main theme and at the same time reversing the adoration at the climax. A good watch to action lovers.
A child Seenu aka Seenugadu (Ram) is lured by the fascination with rowdism. His icon is local rowdy Manikyam (Pradeep Rawat). As he grows up, the burning zeal to become a dreaded rowdy creeps all through his nerves. Grown up Seenu gains the confidence of Manikyam and soon becomes his right hand. Natural to any Telugu cinema twist, there crops up sharp differences between the two and they separate from each other. It prompts Ram to form his own gang, which outwits that of his former boss. Mired in bloody violence, Seenu soon gets averse to his very fascination for rowdism. What’s his reaction later? It forms the crux of the story.

Artistes Performance

Hero Ram did not give you the impression that he is just doing his second movie. There is excellent ease. There is not even a single scene where he is given to frigidity in emoting. His dances and stunts too are very nice. Dialogue delivery suited him well. It is a happy sign in his career that he would soon establish himself in the industry. Isha, the introductory heroine, has superb glamour on her, but she absolutely looked elder to the hero. She is exposed to the feel among the audience that she did raw performance while it comes to expressions.

Pradeep Rawat did well as villain of the piece. Ever since the release of "Sye", Pradeep Rawat is always looked in the format of "Bikshu Yadav". With this movie, he has emerged in modern attire.The role played by hit director AS Ravi Kumar is adequate. Appearing as a stooge to the main villain, he evinces some interest in his characterization.Another interesting characterization comes through Venu, who made his debut in the Teja-directed movie Jai. He did excellent workout here as henchman of the villain.Raghu Babu appears in a dad characterization with his usual mannerisms, but there is a marked difference again.Prakash Raj appears in his usual guest role as police commissioner as he did in Athadu.Mumaith Khan’s sister Zobyn Khan’s item number is a good watch.

Technical Departments

Story is based on the Hollywood flick "City of God", a Brazilian movie. Certainly, it offers a new angle to the Telugu audience when it comes to the violence factor. The juvenile acts are viewed from the Sigmund Fraued’s theory.  

Screenplay and direction by Sukumar deserves appreciation in more than many ways. Though Sukumar maintained the tempo all through the first half, there is a sudden drop in the second half and the climax looks forced on the audience.However, the drawbacks are terrifically supported by visual entertainment by means of extraordinary stunts (going by Tollywood standards.) Cinematography is excellent.Devi Sri Prasad’s music is a great asset to the film. Songs are good. Background score is cent percent apt to the various scenes in the movie. Production values are rich.


The movie is opened to above average talk. Excessive violence comes as a drawback in luring the family crowds.

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