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Jadoogadu starring Nag Shourya and Sonarika Bhadoria has hit the silver screen today. The movie is directed by Yogie (Yogesh) and produced by V.V.N Prasad. Along with the leading actor and actress the other artists Kota, Ashish Vidyarthi and Ajay play crucial role in the film. The music is given by Saagar Mahati (Son of Mani Sharma).

Naga Shaurya and Sonarika in Jadoogadu
Naga Shaurya and Sonarika in Jadoogadu

Story :

The film is about a young and simple man, Krishna played by Nag Shourya who falls in love with Parvathi played by Sonarika in a pub. The story sets in a city where Krishna(Nag Shourya ) comes with an aim of becoming a millionaire and his desire of earning 1 crore makes him work as a recovery agent but ends up joining the gang of a don who is perilous. The story reaches its climax when the hero Krishna gets trapped in a 2,000 crore amount of drug deal. The conflicts arise when the gangster played by Zakir Hussain meddle in their lives. The movie is all about how he fights to overcome all these impediments and save his life and his love.


The movie was a medium budget but still got good reviews on its first day screening. The soundtrack of the movie is composed by Saagar Mahati, son of Mani Sharma who is known for his musical hits. The movie has couple of songs like ABC and Gola Cheddame for which the young crowd is going gaga. The songs have helped the film from sinking. The trailer of the movie was already a hit as it showed Naga Shourya doing all actions and item numbers that a mass hero needs to do. The trailer of the movie showed how well the characterization was done and it gave the viewers a feeling about the movie to be different. The co- actors like Ashish Vidyarthi and Ajay played well and their acting scored average. Sonarika’s charm and sexy look made her task easy. Naga Shourya’s actions, the fierce look he carried on his face enthralled the viewers and he carried a confident look throughout the movie.

Jadoogadu Movie Poster
Jadoogadu Movie Poster


The film is only able to hold you for a while in the beginning. But as the plot progresses it really upsets you. The subject has no novelty at all and ruins every possible excitement of watching it. The sincere effort of the entire cast goes in vain due to the stale and unimpressive subject of the movie. The movie did not impress well in terms of comedy delivered by Sapthagiri.


It is an action entertainer movie with a small piece of comedy which did catch the attention of audience for a small time. The movie did not impress well. It was unlike other romantic movies but failed to deliver the story. The dialogue between the love birds is going to be the highlight of the film.

Overall it’s a decent watch and the director made a fair attempt.

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