Jackpot Review

Rating: 1/5

Critic Rating: (1/5)

Kaizad Gustad, well known for Bombay Boys and Boom always chooses dark themes and thrillers, with of course a mandatory strip scene. Jackpot also is a typical Kaizad Gustad fare, where some characters look weird and some behave weird. This time, the setting is in Goa.

Jackpot is a casino on a boat in Goa, run by Boss (Naseeruddin Shah). Maya (Sunny Leone) is his assistant. A group of three con artistes, Francis (Sachin Joshi), Anthony and Kirthi enter a deal with Boss, where they would be gaining a ransom, in crores. The whole plan is set, but the money is stolen in the last minute. All the characters begin suspecting each other of the treachery. A cop (Markhand Deshpande) also enters the scene and starts an investigation as he smells that’s something is fishy in this whole drama. The story later unfolds to who is the blacksheep and what’s the motive.

The movie has non-linear screenplay with a tiny circular male-lead, who seems like a walking cum talking potato. Sachin Joshi is the biggest drawback of Jackpot. The role given to him has actually a good scope to make an impact. Forget about impact, his screen presence is lifeless and the dialogue delivery pathetic. The only reason of him being the lead is probably he being the producer too. Jackpot doesn’t have a strong content either. The narration goes back and forth excessively that you just lose focus. Some simple points are made too confusing just for the sake of thrill, but all in vain.

The look of Naseeruddin Shah as Boss, is awful. He gets a badly written role too which ends meaninglessly. Perhaps, Mr. Shah has lost the decision making capability. He had acted in two other terrible films that came in 2013- Sona Spa and John Day. Sunny Leone does what she is best at – skin show. She single-handedly did the job of what Katrina Kaif plus Madhu Sapre plus Padma Lakshmi did in Boom. However, when it comes to enacting a scene, she is worse than a mannequin.

The only plus point is the movie duration. You have to bear this kinky stinky ‘Jackpot’ boat for 90 minutes only.

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