Jackie Chan in Tollywood – Shankar’s gift!

Hollywood’s star hero Jackie Chan, who once got the highest pay in Asia, is now set to enter Tollywood as the main guest to “I” audio launch. After Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shankar invited Jackie Chant to promote his flick “I” in Tollywood.


It seems that Shankar invited Jackie Chan for the Telugu audio launch event of “I”. As “I” has been sold at hefty price in Tollywood, Shankar might have decided to come up with this approach to boost the flick in Tollywood. Almost 30 Crores has been spent by Telugu distributors to buy the Telugu rights of this venture.

Shankar might have included this Telugu audio launch and promotional events too in that 30 Crores. It was initially stated that the Telugu distributors didn’t move up beyond 25 Crores for this venture. Shankar’s offer to bring Jackie Chan to promote the Telugu version of this flick might have made distributors to go till 30 Crores.

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