Jabardasth Vinod gave clarity on Suicide Attempt rumors

For the last couple of days, the news of Jabardasth fame Vinod got kidnapped by his parents and speculations of committing suicide have been doing rounds on social networks. Vinod finally comes to clarify all these.


Speaking to a regional top media channel, Vinod who is looking a bit dull but without a single scar said that he is doing completely fine. Thrashing all those rumors on him about his suicide attempt by slitting his wrist against forcible marriage, he declared that all those news pieces are fabricated. Vinod explained that as he was not feeling well, their parents took him to Church for special prayers and there he met his sister. As his sister asked him to marry her daughter, he smoothly rejected it as he wants to get settled in his career first.

His mother said the same and claimed that he was never forced by them and he is completely free to take his own decisions in his life. This lady get-up specialist is well known to all the Jabardasth fans across the globe.

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