Jabardasth comedian Vinod Attempts suicide?

Jabardasth actor Vinod alias Vinodini has been mkaing headlines as he was seen in the police station for canceling his marriage. Going into details, Vinod’s mother Seromanamma arranged a marriage for him forcibly in the Bondaladinne village of Sanjamala Mandal in Kurnool. As Vinod is not in a mood to marry, he attempts suicide.

Jabardasth Vinod Suicide
Jabardasth Vinod Suicide

It is learnt that he was requested to arrive to his village as his mother’s health condition was not good. However, when his mom attempted to try suicide, Vinod cut his hand before her mother and went to police station.

And the news spread like a wildfire on social media within no time. Meanwhile, Vinod has become popular these days, and he has been getting few movie chances also.

The fact is that Jabardasth Vonod not attempts suicide and later we heard some kidnap drama news came out. However, the actor condemned all these rumors and he is fine now.

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