It’s time for Rakshitha ka Swayamvara

Four years after deciding not to don the greasepaint again, Rakshitha will be making her comeback soon. This time, it’s not on the big screen but on a reality show.

The actress will be seen in what’s touted to be the first such show in Kannada on television, titled Swayamvara, for which she’ll start shooting in March. “I’m terrified,” says Rakshitha, adding, “At the same time, I’m thrilled as I’m hosting this show for a cause. I bring two compatible people together live on TV.”

Rakshitha’s been bowled over by the concept of the show. “It’s fantastic. The show’s not just for those who’re looking for brides and grooms, but for people who can’t afford marriage expenses and for those who’re handicapped. According to my programme producer, Tarun S, this is a show with social responsibility. I’m glad that I’ll be helping people through Swayamvara,” she explains.

Apparently, Rakshitha will become the highest paid actress-turned-anchor with this show. “Even I heard about that. But it’s not going to be an easy job for me,” says the actress, who’s not really watched any reality shows recently. “I’ve watched bits and pieces of the talk show by Lakshmi. She knows exactly how to handle the situation. On my show, I’ll try to throw in a lot of surprises and try to uphold our culture and tradition,” she says.

According to Rakshitha, it was her husband Prem who suggested she take up this project. “Prem usually decides my projects and he thought it was the most appropriate show for me to reach out to my audiences,” she says.

What does Rakshitha have to say about marriage? “One has to be mentally prepared before getting married. It won’t be a bed of roses, as it involves a lot of compromise and sacrifices must be made to live happily with each other,” she wraps up.(TNN)


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