Ishq Review

Rating: 2.50/5

Critic Rating: (2.50/5)

A group of ten walk in to a college hostel in Delhi to trash a certain Rahul. Rahul however outsmarts them and not only avoids a fight, but, gets them to root for him. One of the many ways of avoiding fights (the cause for which is the hero’s unusual flair to constantly get into fights for no reason whatsoever).

Rahul (Nitin) is to fly to Hyderabad, boarding which he meets the girl whose forearm and feet drove him crazy at a traffic signal (Ah! all those similar traffic tales). He disgusts her (Priya played by Nithya Menon) at first and eventually wins her heart when the flight makes an emergency landing in Goa. Takes her to his best friend’s wedding, takes her to the beach and the inevitable savior act from the goons hired for the rape scene.

The interval twist is the revelation of Priya’s brother (Shiva played by Ajay) with whom Rahul shares a dark violent past.

What’s good?
Though cliché ridden the film’s got its moments and Nithya Menon to keep you smiling. Ajay takes over in the second half and holds the film like the good ones do.

Also the occasional inspired shots from PC and what Sreekar Prasad did with these is a rare experience for the Telugu screen.

Presence of clichés
The presence of clichés can really bother one if bad acting adds to it or when the monotonous song pops up to ruin the narrative; happens a few times in this one.

Most of the enjoyable scenes were all the better because of Nitin’s absence in them.

Nithya Menon is a definite talent and shines, tough her character is a repetition. Ajay ends up being one of the only reasons to look past the formula writing of the second half.

Ali with his cameo leaves you smiling even after he had left the screen.

Enjoyable and instantly forgettable.

Reviewed by Rohit
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